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Batman: The Dark Knight Rises for Android System Requirements NOTE: Additional assets downloaded after install require at least GB of free space.
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Re: Using the Dark knight rises game on the android phone from Samsung?

Check out our videos and game trailers on http: Certain apps allow you to purchase virtual items within the app and may contain third party advertisements that may redirect you to a third party site. Privacy Policy: First Name: Email address: Which Newsletter s? For each chapter you get the objective on the screen and then you have to reach there and do whatever it is you have to do in that mission.

In the early missions you will find yourself freeing hostages, disarming bombs and hacking into switches. The hacking involves solving a puzzle, where you have to align all pieces before the timer runs out, although there is no real penalty for missing the mark and you just have to start again. To move around the city, you can just run around or do the more sensible thing of using your grapple. Areas where you can grapple have a small circle and you have to press a button on the screen for Batman to just swoop over.

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Jumping down from rooftops is also easy. Just press a button and Batman uses his cape to gradually glide down. The combat mechanics are also the same. You keep mashing a button on screen to punch your enemies and Batman keeps rotating between various attacks until the enemy is down. After that you switch over to the next enemy, then rinse and repeat. This game also borrows the block mechanism from the other Batman games, whereby you will get an indicator on the screen when an enemy is trying to attack you while you are engaging another enemy.

Pressing the button causes Batman to switch focus and block as well as attack the other guy who tried to hit you. There are some stealth mechanics as well. You can stand on a platform above an enemy and take him down with one key. Similarly, you can sneak up behind enemies and take them down.

Taking down enemies gives you credits, which can then be used to purchase additional gadgets. One would wonder why someone like Batman would need to earn credit to be able to afford anything, but then, if you followed the events in the movie and the game, Batman is not exactly flush with cash at the moment.

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You also get to briefly control vehicles like the Batpod and the Bat, which is fun in the short time it lasts. Despite the obvious attempt to ape the other Batman games, one area where The Dark Knight Rises does not match them is in the quality of missions. They are mostly quite boring and just seem to be there to add length to the game. The Game "The Batman Dark knight rises" is available in the Play store and it is a game where you can access all the cool stuffs of batman and you will get to defeat Bane and protect the Gotham city from all the evils that are caused by Bane and his gang.

The application will be compatible with the Higher end model phones through play store you can visit the Website if you want to see the compatibility of the Game with your phone.

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Hope this Helps. You can play the game the Dark Knight Rises.

But to play the game you will have to install the game in your phone. This game is applicable for android version 2.

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If your phone is 2. You can enjoy all the fighting actions.

Batman: The Dark Knight Rises for Android Tablets, Review, System Requirements Features, Download

Join Date May Posts 2, Join Date Apr Posts 2, Yes you can able to use the Dark Knight Rises game on the android phone from Samsung. This game is based on the movie the Dark Knight Rises. Here you will become a batman in the game and have to protect the city. You can access with all the Batman arsenal.

Using the Dark knight rises game on the android phone from Samsung?

You can also do all types of fighting actions. It has user friendly interface with much more special effects. The game requires Android 2. You play the role of Batman in the Game and you'll have to Save the Gotham city from danger.

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